It’s disingenuous to say that California, New York, and Texas are under represented.

It’s common wisdom that Wyoming and Vermont are overrepresented in the US Congress. At least as compared to California. I mean, it’s simple math.

Wyoming has a population of about 582,000 souls, represented in Congress by two…

Ready for travel and going north, south and west. Immigrants with baggage lined up at teller’s windows marked money exchange. Ellis Island 1910 Unsplash

I’m writing this down just to get my thoughts in order, and just maybe start a conversation. What is your America like?

The Situation:

As we know, DJT issued an executive order banning entry to citizens of 7 countries (Iran, Iraq, Syria, Somalia, Sudan, Libya, and Yemen). As I understand…

Julien Lafleur

I like to think about stuff. Cotton candy, politics, whatever.

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